Where all pieces connect

The NSF (Nederlandse Spellenfabriek in Dutch) is the service provider at the heart of the boardgame and puzzle industry where all pieces connect. As a full service partner we offer five essential services that allow our customers worldwide to bring new and creative products to the market in a efficient and reliable manner.

  1. Manufacturing. Millions of boardgames and puzzles have left our factory annually since we first opened in 1950. By going the extra mile, offering new perspectives and using our experience in combination with our versatile machines we specialise in high quality products.
  2. Sourcing. Meticulously selected on quality, reliability and innovativeness we have build a global network of suppliers that allow us to convert your creative ideas into reality.
  3. Logistics. Tapping into the dynamic market circumstances and increasing need for flexibility NSF Logistics offers a complete package of logistics services ranging from storage to sea-freight and from fulfilment to stock management.
  4. Compliance. Safety is top priority in everything we do. Safety of our employees but of course also safety of the products we make. All our products are created in a ethically sound environment and are compliant with the Toy Safety Directive.
  5. Support. Innovation and creativity are the essence of the board-game industry so we are here to do our bit. Technical advise and active support in game development are self-evident for us.


The NSF is a leading manufacturer of high quality boardgames with over 65 years of experience.


As current holder of the world title ‘largest single image puzzle in the world’ and manufacturer of over 3 million puzzles a year we breath puzzles.


Boardgames and Puzzles are our passion and our motivated team of specialists are continuously working on innovative solutions.

Our Past

The roots of the NSF date back to the nineteenth century. In 1853 the Koninklijke Hausemann & Hötte N.V. (H&H) was founded in Amsterdam. After decades of steady growth and the introduction in the Netherlands of classics like Mecano and Dinky Toy H&H decided to open it’s own manufacturing facility in 1950; the NSF. Millions of H&H products, famous fort he brand names Jumbo, Papita and King, left the NSF factory ever since. First in Amsterdam, later in Wognum and finally, since the opening by H.K.H. Maxima in 2006, in Medemblik.

In 2007 H&H was bought by the Monchy Group and the NSF develops as an independent production partner for publishers, large and small, all over the world. With pride we look back at the hundreds of titles that leave our factory annually and the satisfied customers it brings. From a custom puzzle for the village fete to famous titles like Carcassonne and Catan we proud ourselves on the same active support and high quality product for every customer.

On behalf of the entire team we sincerely hope to meet you soon and guide your product efficiently through our factory!